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Just remember this: The law requires motorists to come to a stop before making the right turn on a red signal. and then you can legally turn right (unless a sign is posted that says don’t turn right on red).

If you fail to stop while making the right turn, you have broken the law.

The link to the web site and a secure access code will be included on the Notice of Violation.

If you do not have access to a computer, complimentary internet access is available at the public library.

Under these circumstances the Notice of Violation issued as a result of the photo enforcement would be dismissed.

Utilizing a passive sensor, the system detects when the signal light changes to red and a vehicle enters the intersection.

Peters implemented a proactive photo enforcement program to help address the dangers associated with running a red light.

By reducing the amount of intersection crashes we will improve safety and prevent serious injury. Selected intersections in the City have been equipped with automated red light camera equipment.

Three digital still images will be included with the Notice of Violation.

The video can be viewed if you have Internet access.

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What is the penalty for violating failing to stop for a red light? If you do not pay the fine prior to, or appear in court on your scheduled court date, a warrant may be issued for your arrest that could result in additional fines and costs. The program is funded through the fines collected by photo enforcement. Peters has elected to capture a picture of the driver to ensure proper identification of the violator. was awarded the contract to provide our photo enforcement program.