Mobile adult site

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Mobile adult site

3.) The next step is what will give you automated filtering and it involves changing the DNS settings. On an Android Device, including the Kindle Fire, you will need to go to settings / Wi-Fi and then press and hold your current connection for a few seconds.Before you change it, be sure to write down what is currently set so you can go back to regular non-filtered settings if needed. Select Modify Network and be sure Show Advanced Options is selected. Next, page down the list of options until you see DNS 1 and DNS 2.Customers have a variety of options for adding and removing Web Guard or for customizing its settings (child, teen, or young adult).

While these results may be curious, T-Mobile does admit that the feature isn't perfect.

You should still use Kidz as your search engine since you need to know what safe sites are available that won’t get blocked by Open DNS.

However, with Open DNS installed, you don’t need to worry about your child typing in a porn address by mistake or otherwise.

More detailed instructions for using Open DNS are available from the Open DNS Website that covers just about any mobile device, but the process is all the same in that you only need to change the DNS provider.

Be sure you use the most updated DNS settings (2.123, 2.123) worked best for us, but it could change in the future.

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Installing the free Kidz Search App just takes a minute and there is no setup or signing up for anything. In addition, as mentioned earlier, Open DNS settings will not work if the tablet or phone is being used on a 3G/4G outside signal, such as if you are away from your wireless home router.

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