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Rough translation: “How to remove ‘carmunity’ from 72908 number?

Help me.” “It’s probably some kind of virus, this SMS goes out from the phone, its better to disable it with your GSM provider, both outgoing and incoming.” “I want to disable.” Lets take a deeper look at the malicious vid4domain.

Doan was arrested last week and now faces a sexual assault charge. A year later, Doan says the student started blackmailing her.

A 404 error means that the requested file cannot be found.

By clicking on one of this thumbnails the user will be redirected to the vid4web site where he will be invited to download vid4file (Trojan-SMS. In other words, each affiliate has his own SMS Trojan with unique SMS text.

The mobile malware industry and mobile malware services continue to evolve.

I think, yes 🙂 At least both companies are specialized in monetization of mobile traffic.

According to this, Carmunity is located in Bremen, Mary-Astell-Str. If you google this address you can find that another German company called Displayboy has the same physical address. Well, here are some quotes from their web site (no German version, only English): “Welcome to Display Boy – the leading provider for adult affiliate marketing in the mobile Internet.” “Right now, between 5%-10% adult website users are surfing sites with mobile phones.

With Displayboy you can convert your existing mobile traffic in a snap.

Unfortunately, such networks have already become pretty effective and are an easy way to spread mobile malware and earn money illegally.

And the migration of affiliate networks will lead to new infections and huge money losses not only in Russia but in other countries as well.

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And if you visit one of these hosts you will be redirected to the web site

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