Muslim speed dating in london

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I couldn't tell with the females but amongst the males there were guys who came with mates and were casually laughing and joking throughout - I think it was an insecurity issue for them as it can be quite daunting speaking in front of strangers.

The organisers could improve things in certain areas.

Having attended three different events, I got the impression, the main organiser, Mizan tends adapt his delivery to the masses (in an unsettling way), for example the music topic was set in the under 30s professional event.

In the indian one, he asked us if anyone has read the 'baga vita' (I have no idea what that is, something to do with indian history).

The first topic in all of the events that I attended has always been 'Introduce yourself, tell the group where you're from, occupation, siblings etc'. Most if not all the participants were in their late 20s or beyond.

Here is a list of topics they set in the events that I went to: Mention your favourite music and if you don't listen to music, explain why? Every time I went, there were a variety of people (good and bad).

A lot of the people that turn up aren't really serious and just looking for a laugh i.e. Asalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Baraktuh I wanted to ask (if you have attended one) what's your experience of Muslim Marriage Events?Found it really daunting when I went to the first one.Mash'Allaah check that for a post ^^^ My reply will be short and lame lol This is such a great insight to what happens, as I had read a little on advertisements but they won't say the nitty gritty and the bad I feel comfortable in groups, so that's not a problem, maybe just a little quiet as obviously there's men there, but that's where my Mehram would come in use.I wouldn't rule out attending one in the future but I would be a lot more particular about which one I go to (would attend one where majority of the females are roughly same age or younger than me).Apologies, if you found this a chore to read, I was in the same position as you before I attended and couldn't really find any detailed info on the event.

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