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Stone working techniques and pottery styles advanced enough to show that new ideas — new cultures — took hold. C., and a bone expert found evidence of some diseases that archeologists had thought were only spread widely in the Americas with the arrival of European explorers.Farm ground that is tilled still yields artifacts, but undisturbed land can be productive too.Johnson has been collecting arrowheads since he was a young boy.| H-W Photo/Phil Carlson His interest in those artifacts and his knowledge of the cultures they represent took a quantum leap forward a dozen or more years later.The two became friends and learned from each other.The archeologist found pottery and other items from the Black Sand culture — dated to the early woodland period of about 1,000 BC — as well as items distinctive to the Hopewell culture such as mound building and other activities dating to around 300 BC.Tags attached to artifacts, or numbers and letters printed on the items, can be cataloged to keep a record.

They were originally of the same stock; but they were conservative and their relatives were not with the Ohio Indians, but more often with the people in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Johnson has some items dating back tens of thousands of years.

Those early points were generally more rugged and would have topped spear shafts rather than arrows.

The land where Mc Gregor established a dig was in a wooded area where soil had been undisturbed and still had artifacts and human bones.

Collectors should document when and where they find artifacts.

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The Indians in southern Illinois did take up the Mound Builder faith, but they apparently obtained their knowledge of it from the Illinois River people, and they still clung to many of their old ways.

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