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After developing Crash Team Racing, the company began working on Jak and Daxter for the Play Station 2.

Longtime American game designer and producer Mark Cerny convinced Naughty Dog to focus its new resources on creating a character-based platform game that would fully exploit the 3D capabilities of the new systems.

Rubin and Gavin created an Apple IIGS graphic adventure game titled Dream Zone, which was released in 1988 and ported to the Atari ST, Amiga and personal computer.

In 1989, Rubin and Gavin released a game titled Keef the Thief, which was published by Electronic Arts for the Apple IIGS, Amiga and IBM PC Compatible.

The Last of Us received universal acclaim upon release. single-player DLC (a first for Naughty Dog), Left Behind, starring Ellie and Riley, a girl that she met during the events of the American Dreams prequel comic series.

The second teaser revealed the studio's first Play Station 4 title, the next installment of Uncharted, making the series their first IP to sprawl across two home console generations (excluding HD remakes).