New york dating services reviews

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New york dating services reviews

The number of times I have wrestled with how I could gently inform my client that the man she chose to be introduced to was not attracted to her is endless.I am not in the business of hurting anyone's feelings.

Most of my clients are successful women, highly educated, attractive, and genuinely interested in meeting a lifelong partner.

What the media and the reality shows don't tell you is that "the business of love" is without question, a very challenging and thankless job because its basis is complete subjectivity.

The "product" the client pays for is intangible, the introduction to carefully vetted potential love interests who possess specific criteria.

I am simultaneously aggravated, outraged and bewildered by this woman's allegations and her lack of awareness of what truly transpired.

She fell head over heels for the Jewish Ivy-educated businessman who she had went out with three times.

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They often request multiple profiles of men who possess these qualities and treat the matchmaking service as a candy store, filled with a myriad of "perfect" treats who will all fall head-over-heels in love with her at first sight.

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  1. However, she too remembers just how much Peter too had relished and taken part in the afternoons’ sensual, erotic and sexual activities. I'm not much of a story writer but will try my best and would love to hear your comments below.