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Niall matter erica cerra dating

At about age 14, I decided I wanted to be a rebel without a cause so I got out of doing anything responsible, like acting, school, most things.

Then I started again when I was about 20, commercials and did some guest stars on this and that, and then at 25 I booked this.

Do you enjoy it, or is it more just a by-product of Vancouver being such a genre-heavy town in terms of what films here?

But I’m really a huge fan of anything fantasy oriented.

EC: I started when I was like a wee little kid, about six.

Erica Cerra: Definite shock, and then of course sadness sank in.“But, thankfully before I received a response,” she continues.“[Executive producers] Jaime Paglia, Todd Sharp and [producer] Bruce Miller called and told me what happened.” When the cancelation was announced, the cast was set to shoot the Season 5 finale in just days and they worried that the series wouldn’t get an appropriate ending.Just a day later, Syfy announced it was giving the series one more episode to wrap itself up.Cerra took some time out from her shooting schedule to give THR and the show’s fans some clarity on the network's decisions and what she’s looking forward to as the series wraps its final episodes.

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I have had my taste in film as well in the past, they are different experiences -- TV and Film -- and I love them both.