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Posted by / 16-Dec-2016 14:28

In the wake of Kim Kardashian’s ascendance, many have wondered whether the celebutante and her notorious kin could flip a scandal—that is, Kim’s infamous 2005 sex tape—into such a lucrative and decidedly mainstream entertainment empire.

Her image has remained unscathed, which is how it should be—but again, in our patriarchal culture, could a black star go through several public relationships and still be considered “America’s Sweetheart?

Smith was the father of Brandy’s daughter, and claimed that her mother had encouraged them to pretend to be married (and showcased on the MTV series Special Delivery) in order to preserve the wholesome image the star had cultivated throughout the ‘90s.

Now, the stunt was allegedly orchestrated by Brandy’s mother/manager and in hindsight, seems like an overreaction to the star’s pregnancy; but one wonders if a “wholesome” white singer would’ve been in a similar position.

And female sexuality tends to be scorned when it isn’t controlled or presented by male interests.

This is a very slippery slope and Lisa Raye clumsily touched on a hard truth.

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” Rihanna, for example, has been linked to high-profile men throughout her career—from Chris Brown to Drake.