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The hope is that a new treatment for dogs, if successful, could be applied to people, too.For more info: CHILDREN: Pediatric cancer: Miracles in small packages | Watch Video Thousands of kids are diagnosed with cancer every year, but their odds of beating it have never been better. For more info: FOOD: Food for thought: Your diet and cancer | Watch Video Correspondent Martha Teichner looks at the relationship between food and cancer.They call it “going flat.” Instead of reconstructing their bodies with surgical implants, they are embracing their scars, even baring them publicly on websites like Flat and Fabulous and Flat Friends. For more info: TRIPTYCH #2: How dogs may help fight bone cancer | Watch Video Comparative oncology, a rapidly-growing field of cancer research, pairs veterinarians with human doctors in the fight against cancer.

And every show concludes with Johnson’s signature move: A cartwheel on the runway. Since the 1960s, the maniacally free-spirited New York designer’s clothes have been the uniform for folks that didn’t want to look like everyone else.In 1972 CBS News’ Charles Osgood asked Berry about the prospects of his retiring, and the origin of his trademark “duck walk.”COVER STORY: Welcome to the happiest country on Earth | Watch Video And no, it’s not the United States.In fact, large portions of the happiest nation also suffer from alcoholism and depression.WEB EXTRA VIDEO: From 1972: Chuck Berry on his first hit, “Maybellene”In 1972 CBS News’ Charles Osgood asked Chuck Berry about how the rock legend first got into the business with Chess Records in the 1950s with his first hit, “Maybellene,” the influences on his music, and his influence on other musicians.WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Chuck Berry on retirement: “There’s no such thing”Rock legend Chuck Berry, who died on Saturday at age 90, was performing up until the end.

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