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Prior to my surgery, if I’d had a choice to design my kitten, I would’ve asked for very-little-to-no definition of my labia. My left labia is puffier than my right and my right labia is a bit darker in my peachy salmon shade. I was one day short of eight weeks post-op when I thought I would give things a go, completely clueless as to how I even operate, now. It takes trial and error and really, ultimately, it’s mind over matter. Thank you, Mother Nature for stopping by and saying “Hey girl!!

I wouldn’t want any suspicion in a swimsuit that my vagina may be a penis. Forget about what new modern gadget you’re convinced will send you over the moon if you aren’t into it, or you’re too focused on getting that finale: you’re just going to find yourself frustrated. It feels THAT sensational, and not even just physically. ”I feel like my eyes almost get stuck in the back of my head every time I read a comment online implying that men just get to throw on makeup and hair and be accepted as women in society.

Questions like how I have boobs, if my voice is real, if I used to be the star quarterback in high school, and most importantly, whats going on “down there,” if you get what I mean.

A simple flirtatious conversation turns into a interview.

I lay there thinking, “They better put me out good!

Today, I am down to a dilating only a few times a week, for 30 minutes, and will keep that schedule for the rest of my life.

Which I’m fine with; I get that people are curious.

But most of the time, they just end up congratulating me for them finding me fuckable.

Twelve months ago in a cold operating room, lying on an even colder surgery table, I was preparing to go to bed and wake up to the answer to the wish I had begged for every night for the last 18 years.

I’ll admit, though, that it was mortifying to have six doctors surrounding me and knowing that for the next seven hours they were going to be focused on the one thing that I would never want anyone to see — even myself.

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When meeting someone new, I always find a way to drop that I’m transgender into the conversation and on Tinder I list it in my bio.

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