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Online chats 180

4) Test application on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems.Assuming that your application supports following functionality – Forms with various fields – Child windows – Application interacts with database – Various search filter criteria and display results – Image upload – Send email functionality – Data export functionality 1.Information filled by users should remain intact when there is error message on page submit.User should be able to submit the form again by correcting the errors 11.3) Test with different screen resolutions like 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, etc.

Validate markup for all web pages (validate HTML and CSS for syntax errors) to make sure it is compliant with the standards 23.Refer these tests while writing test cases for your project and I’m sure you will cover most testing types except the application specific business rules provided in your SRS documents.Though this is a common checklist, I recommend preparing a standard testing checklist tailored to your specific needs using below test cases in addition with application specific tests.All mandatory fields should be validated and indicated by asterisk (*) symbol 2.Validation error messages should be displayed properly at correct position 3. Dropdown fields should have first entry as blank or text like ‘Select’ 7.

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Importance of Using Checklist for Testing: – Maintaining a standard repository of reusable test cases for your application will ensure the most common bugs will be caught more quickly.

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