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Now, the digital evidence lab team, translators and victim advocates are part of the scene at sex-trafficking busts — to ensure solid prosecutions, but also to provide assistance to the exploited women and girls, who usually lack housing, clothes and basic necessities.“She’s only existing because of what her trafficker is giving her,” Healey told the Herald.

“Sometimes that’s food and water, a lot of time it’s drugs.

Cops who once ran street-corner stings now fight the sex trade online — using social media campaigns to thwart sex buyers — and stake out the hotels, “massage” parlors and apartments where men buying illegal sex meet the girls that pimps are advertising online.

They’re targeting “johns” and even young men who have never bought sex with facts about what they’re doing to opiate-addicted girls and women whose lives are controlled by abusive pimps.

Hub cops and the attorney general’s office has partnered with Demand Abolition and Boston’s CEASE network (Cities Empowered Against Sexual Exploitation), whose mission is stopping sex buyers.

In Boston, more than 24,000 suspected sex ads are posted on the classified online ad site Backpage every month — each one fetching on average 52 responses, according to Dhakir Warren, senior manager of social innovation at Demand Abolition and co-coordinator of CEASE Boston.“This equates to about 9,000 searches per day for paid online sex opportunities,” said Warren, who said the group’s online decoy ad interventions also found 13 percent of the men responding to sex ads were using computers at local businesses.“The suburbs don’t protect you,” Warren said. “They’re searching for sex on their company premises, using their company phones and during company time.”The average time of day men search online for sex is 2 p.m.

“Once these guys kind of think that it could be a sister or a daughter, they look at it in a different way.“They’ve never had to listen to a survivor talk about the violence that she endured or hear about the public health concerns,” Gavin added. The demand is such that we have to find other ways.”In December, Boston cops held a training session for 170 law enforcement officials from cities and towns.The department plans to bring officers from those communities on future operations to learn — and to keep the sex trade from migrating.“We don’t want to just displace business,” Gavin said.Boston police launched a Facebook awareness campaign last fall targeting potential sex buyers through memes, delivering a clear-cut message that buying sex isn’t a victim-less crime and they could end up in jail.The IJM said in a statement that the Philippines national police receive well over 2,000 referrals a month of potential online exploitation of Filipino children.The organisation said this was made possible by greater than ever connectivity to the internet with people in North America or Europe paying as little as for a “show”.

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The campaign reached thousands, with some being directed to a resource page offering them help, and the next phase includes a video component.