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Opi dating a royal nail polish

Apologies for the bottle shot of these ones, I couldn't get a color accurate photo of them on the nail for some reason.No dupes between these 3, Electric Beat is more of a blue leaning periwinkle while Fade Into Hue is more of a purple leaning periwinkle.(.33 at Amazon) I don't just love this color because it's inspired after my adopted hometown of St. I love it because it's a true inky blue color that seems to make me chicer just by wearing it on my fingernails. Plus, as with almost all OPI offerings, the formula is flawless. Hydrangea Kiss is kind of in the middle of both of these but it's brighter than both on the nail.Zoya Neely vs China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On vs China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint vs Orly Jealous, Much? Jealous Much and Neely are pretty close here, Jealous Much is a touch darker but it's not a big enough difference to need both IMO.(See the top photo in this post for an example of how it looks on the nail!) Every time I paint my nails with this shade, I always find myself staring back at my fingers, the color is that mesmerizing.

No dupes here unfortunately, Budding Romance is much more of a jelly finish and it's more yellow toned.

(.32 at Amazon) If you're looking for a chic shade that screams winter, look no further than Ski Teal We Drop.

This is a perfect teal color that instantly makes you look more polished and put-together and will carry you through to the warmer spring months.

It's weird how it's easy to photograph all of these on their own but when you put them next to each other on the nail you have issues, maybe it's just me? Anyway..only close dupes between all of these are Zoya Robyn and China Glaze Sunday Funday, they aren't exact but it's hard to tell them apart on the nail. Load is the oddball here, it's much more yellow than the others. I'd go with Zoya Jacqueline out of the 3..had the best formula in my opinion. Revlon Urban has the right undertones but it's a few shades darker.

Milky Ways & Jacqueline are very very close to My Vampire Is Buff but I wouldn't call either of them a dupe...maybe like fraternal twins (triplets? In the sun they look very close but the difference is easier to see in the shade. I used 2 coats for My Vampire is Buff, Milky Ways & Jacqueline and 3 coats of Load for the photos below. Eurso Euro vs China Glaze First Mate vs China Glaze Man Hunt. First Mate is more of a navy blue and Man Hunt is a lighter/brighter blue. Eurso Euro has nice purple undertones that are hard to see when it's on it's own but once you put it next to something more blue its much more noticeable. I used 3 coats of Dating A Royal and 2 coats of OPI... OPI Oy Another Polish Joke vs OPI Goldeneye vs Zoya Ziv.

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My winter manis seem to always veer towards blue - it's the perfect shade for icy temps and looks great with all your winter ensembles.

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