Orthodox dating someone who isnt orthodox

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Orthodox dating someone who isnt orthodox

Therefore becoming Orthodox is not as simple as saying, "I've decided to be an Orthodox Christian." When one is curious about the Orthodox faith one is refered to as an inquirer. Seeing if you "fit" together, see if you understand and can believe what the church teaches.There is no commitment from the inquirer to the church at this point. Below is some basic information many inquirers find helpful.Some Americans who are members of the Russian Orthodox Christian community still practice the tradition of laying Easter eggs and Easter bread on dead relatives’ graves.This practice is a way of greeting the dead with news that Jesus Christ has risen.Luckily, as with many practices of the Church, the Church has explicitly stated guidelines for marriage in the Greek Orthodox Church.These guidelines outline the official position of the Orthodox Church and simply dictate what is allowed and what is not allowed to take place.Another important symbol associated with Easter is the lamb.It is often depicted with a banner that bears a cross, and it is known as the Many Orthodox Christians in the United States mark Easter Sunday, also known as Pascha, as the day Jesus Christ was resurrected, according to the Christian bible.

Some of these churches include the Greek Hellenic Orthodox Church, the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, and the Russian Orthodox Church.

Orthodox Easter preparations begin with 40 days of strict fasting prior to Easter Day.

Many Orthodox Christians attend liturgies during the Holy Week that leads up to Easter Sunday.

There are stages on the road to becoming Orthodox, just as a couple moves through stages in their relationship before meeting at the altar to become married.

Likewise, once you are Orthodox it is a serious commitment, just as marriage is a lifelong commitment, so to is being an Orthodox Christian.

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The Orthodox Christian date for Easter Sunday often occurs at a later date than the Easter date observed by many western churches.

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