Outlook calendar entries not updating

Posted by / 04-Oct-2016 13:18

Outlook calendar entries not updating

Additionally, you will learn how to make Outlook send a specific type of update, depending on the meetings properties that you want to change.

In a few words, in Outlook 20 you can no longer make critical changes on a meeting without sending an update.

All the other i Phones we have work great, just with this particular user.

I am trying to set up a new (Verizon) i Phone to sync Contacts and Calender entries with Outlook 2007 on a Windows Vista Ultimate PC.

When they are made in Outlook, they move to the phone as they should.The difference is that any of your previous edits to Public properties are overwritten if the meeting organizer changes any of them and sends you an update to the meeting (regardless of whether it is an informational or full update).User B leaves the meeting as it is, however user C changes the sensitivity to public, the importance to normal, the free/busy to busy and the reminder to 10 minutes, after which he saves and closes the meeting.The informational message appears in the light blue box in the following image: Public and private properties of a meeting are properties that exist when a meeting is created.For the most part, as an attendee you can change these properties for any meeting that you have accepted or tentatively accepted.

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