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Paget brewster dating matthew gray gubler

I don’t know if it was pressure, necessarily, just more good fortune that I got to do it.”Gubler was, unsurprisingly, incredibly humbled by Brewster’s request.“That Paget wanted only to work with me on her final episode was a great vote of confidence, an honor.“So your brain is trying to believe what’s happening to the character, but you’re also trying to oversee the whole thing, and it becomes a schizophrenic mind game.”Speaking of schizophrenic mind games (see what we did there? Spencer Reid, has been plagued by migraine headaches this season, which cause him particular concern because of his family history with schizophrenia.Gubler is careful not to reveal too much about his character’s condition, but he expects that fans will get some answers before the end of the season.I think she’s the greatest, so the love is mutual.”While there are obvious perks when it comes to directing an episode of his own series — who knows the show better?

In addition to continuing to pursue his painting, much of which you can see at his official website, he’ll be putting the finishing touches on “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked.” It’s the third film in which he’s voiced Simon the Chipmunk.If, indeed, Reid does have a mental illness, Gubler welcomes the challenge with open arms.“To me, it kind of looks like I’m going schizophrenic,” he says, “but I have a history of predicting the wrong outcome when it comes to this show.That first one I was a little concerned about proving myself, and letting people know that I am a director.When it was well-received, it was a relief.”It was important to everyone involved that Brewster’s final episode be directed by a member of the “Criminal Minds” family.

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It marks the second time Gubler has directed an episode of the series, and he tells Zap2it that when Brewster asked him to give it another go for her, it was not only an honor, but a bit of a relief.

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