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“I had a guy who asked me to Venmo him to pay for a well drink,” fumed Tammy, a 21-year-old beauty blogger who asked that her last name be withheld for professional reasons.“And I was like, ‘Bye.’ Where are all the real men? Although what these guys did was in poor taste, financial expert and author Lynnette Khalfani-Cox defends them, noting that going Dutch is a sensitive topic.After you send the thief cash, the check is returned as a counterfeit and you are out the money you sent.Never take payment for an item you are selling where someone pays for it with a check that is for more than you are asking.

Often times someone will pay for an item with a check that is much more than the asking price. They will ask you to mail them or wire transfer the extra money to them.They will send you a check as payment telling you to perform some tasks.They will tell you to cash the check and report back to them.They will assure you that they are wealthy or will pay you back.Often times these scammers pretend to be in the military or to have an inheritance coming soon.

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You will get to keep a small amount of money for yourself and mail or wire transfer the money to someone else.

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