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People in dubai using yahoo messenger

Like We Chat, Whats App and Facebook Messenger, there is a desktop version at messenger.

It lets you sign in, get all your previous conversations and send messages from your laptop.

Yahoo Messenger might be the best messaging app no one will use.

The company just released a completely revamped version of its messaging platform, focused on mobile, group messaging and image sharing.

In other words, Yahoo Messenger looks like Facebook Messenger, or We Chat, or Whats App, or Viber, or Line…

You get the point, do we need yet another messaging app? The company first launched Yahoo Messenger in 1998 as an alternative to AIM. But now, it’s a brand new world when it comes to messaging, and Yahoo has rebooted Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger is a tool for communicating easily with friends and family around the world.

You can chat in real time, make high-quality video calls, update your status, see your friends' updates, send SMS messages, and share photos and files instantly.

The app also combines photos into nice, easy-to-browse in-line photo albums so it doesn’t bury the rest of the conversation.

When you press the GIF button, the app lets you search Tumblr by keyword and browse available GIFs.

Overall, it looks like Facebook Messenger’s new GIF button that lets you search Giphy and Riffsy.

The company will wipe the message from its servers and delete it from your recipient’s phone.

If you do it quickly enough, chances are your recipient won’t even notice that you sent a message. Facebook uses extra-large thumbs up to show that you got the message while Yahoo lets you discreetly like messages — in both cases, these features replace “ok” messages or its lazy cousin “k”.

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Just like competitors, Yahoo Messenger compresses the photos to reduce load times for everyone.

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