Pico sim dating game fre gay dating

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Pico sim dating game

------------------------- OMG Thanks Soooo much for front page!! You have to play on a difficulty other than [Free Play]!! There still may be alittle more bugs left, but I'm working on it.

However get a base job, new knowledge, higher muscles, earn some money and few other activities you can to do already now. Hoping that bug doesn't happen again) This game is surprisingly really fun.If you want advice, put all your stats in intelligence at first and keep building it up and going for promotions to build up money, once you have CEO you are pretty set but if you want to max your intelligence then there is one more promotoin that you have a 25% chance to get with max intelligence.Then build up charm to max and its pretty easy to date her afterwards. I don't want to explain everything since that's unfair to the developer , it took me two tries with this method. Your son has travelled from the future to tell you that you must fix a mistake that you made in his time.

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