Pkg updating repository catalogue

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Pkg updating repository catalogue

Each pkgng command argument is documented in a command-specific manual page.

To read the manual page for pkg install, for example, run either of these commands: The rest of this section demonstrates common binary package management tasks which can be performed using pkgng.

To address this, pkgng has a built-in command to update package origins.done If you are upgrading from the old package format, first run: $ pkg2ng 1.0-rc5 # # ls -la /var/db/pkg/ total 84320 drwxr-xr-x 2 root wheel 512 Sep 1 . -rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 120832 Sep 1 local.sqlite -rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 86149120 Sep 1 repo.sqlite # ] Global options supported: -d Increment debug level -j Execute pkg(1) inside a jail(8) -c Execute pkg(1) inside a chroot(8) -v Display pkg(1) version Commands supported: add Registers a package and installs it on the system ... For more information on the different commands see 'pkg help Description : This script uses the existing ports infrastructure to track dependencies, and keep them up to date. done # # pkg autoremove -y Packages to be autoremoved: clamav-0.97.5_1 arc-5.21p arj-3.10.22_4 lha-1.14i_6 unzoo-4.4_2 The autoremoval will free 15 MB Deleting clamav-0.97.5_1... It is written in /bin/sh so it has no dependencies. ==================================================== If you want remove clamav permanently from you system execute following commands: # rm -rf /var/log/clamav # rm -rf /var/run/clamav # rm -rf /var/db/clamav # pw userdel clamav ==================================================== done Deleting arc-5.21p... These tools can be used to install third-party software from both binary packages and the Ports Collection, while pkgng installs only binary packages.To ensure that the Free BSD Ports Collection registers new software with pkgng, and not the traditional packages format, Free BSD versions earlier than 10.

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