Plentyoffish dating site online dating Cam fun without membership

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Plentyoffish dating site online dating

It seems all too ironic, that I had very nice conversations with two ladies; then the messages from the first one disappeared; and nothing on the site when I logged in, after getting an email notification.

I've only been on this site a month, and it seems to be filled with scammers, **, and the like. I would be inclined to dismiss the first lady as "just one of those things"... At this juncture, I wouldn't recommend this site to a slimeball player! In my 2 plus years on POF, all I wanted was a nice guy to spend time with, but what I found is there are no nice guys on this site.

What is sad is that a lot of the girls on POF hate you one minute, then about a week or two later they all of a sudden are interested in you. Most men wouldn't know a good woman if she walked up and hit him with a concrete block. How dare you tell women you don't date a woman who is a bit overweight, you are not Greeks Gods yourselves. And how about the 60 plus men who are raising small children, I've done my time.

And mostly I see these same men who are overweight, telling me I am too big, Oh I could go on and on, but I will tell you. The Whole experience left me with a bad taste in my mouth... It's not if you don't get a membership within a short period of time you cannot log on, I met one female from the site she was friendly, but the relationship ended fast when her mom got cancer and she had no time for a lasting relationship. Second complaint: Full of scammers, I had 4 in one weekend.

3 of these guys did all their playing around, then guess who they called when they could not find a good woman. My advice is meet and fall in love the old fashion way. I've read a lot of these reviews and will get right to the point. In every way it is worse than Match, e Harmony, Ok Cupid, and Zoosk. Other females were rude, asking me to send them money or see private parts of my body, in the dating world be prepared to get mentally hurt. From the men's side like most dating sites full of women that are 3's, thinking they are a 10, that wouldn't know a good man. They post a picture of some good looking female, one picture. Immediately ask for full name, email address and sometimes home address.

Found out the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I will say, yes I am over on what my weight should be, but I will feed you. I have been a member of many different online dating sites including POF for over two years. One after a while claimed her family was going to kill her over gold bars, sent pictures of so-called gold bars.

If they are real, they will meet you in a public place. When POF decides to start charging men so we can get a better quality please let me know.

I know many people prefer to speak on the phone first... I really don't want to talk to someone who is 20 years older than me or someone who is incarcerated in jail. Since when did they allow people who are in jail to have a phone?? Not to mention the predators that are looking for someone to take care of them.

So before you lay out your criteria and want just the 10's, you may be missing a lot more than you will ever know... Overall, the company and employees rate a 5 star, it's the people on the site. So tire of this BS and POF does nothing to stop scammers, investigate scammers. Guys we are worth more than that, no one has the golden kitty.

99.5 % of the time it's a fake profile that is deleted right after I get the message.

That was the first thing that started making me mad.

This site is free and that's the best thing about this site.

But almost everyone I went on a date with lied and/or was a throwback fish (carp ** fish) and most of the women on this site a liars and completely phony.

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I received an email from this bogus group saying I had been added to this stupid POF site. I tried 5 or 6 different phone numbers and not one worked.