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It was once the home of three large textile mills, namely Alitex, Bally Spinning Mills and MYM Textiles that used to export abroad.Today only one survives and is not as productive as it used to be.Even after all these years, Derek says he feels honored to put on his Coca-Cola shirt every morning. I look at it as a career — not as a job.” He credits management for creating a real sense of personal investment in employees.“It’s like a rolling billboard, everybody knows it and it makes you feel good. “In a sense it feels like it's your own company and you want to do your best, every day.Consequently, this has affected the economy of Umzinto negatively.Religions: Islam, Hindu, Christian, Shembe Schools: Umzinto Vale, Umzinto Secondary School, Umzinto Islamic School, Roseville Secondary, St Francis Primary Halls: Sanathan Hall, Islamic Cultural Centre, Umzinto Town Hall Pioneers of Umzinto include the Somaru, Ramdin & Radhalal, Phillip Naidoo, Mansoor, Dawoods, Govender, Ally, Singh, Karim, Khan, Moosa and Kadwa families.

I’ve been here half my life, and I could not see myself working for another company.

Because it has given me so much, to be able to provide for my family.” Derek’s family is another source of great pride. Their daughter is 15, a high school sophomore who was just named homecoming princess this month.

And his son, 21, has one more year of college, and Dad would not be surprised if he joined the family business. I would want them to finish college first because the opportunities are just so unlimited here with an education.

For each trip, Derek’s truck is stacked with 20 grocery pallets, which can carry 80 cases of 32-pack cans, or 70 cases of half-liter bottles.

(We’ve done some of the math for you – that’s more than 50,000 cans of soda per delivery, four to six times a day, so you’re looking at more than 1 million cans of soda delivered each week.) Most shifts include four and a half to five hours behind the wheel, unless there’s a stop at the Huntsville Prison Commissary, which at 90 minutes or more from the warehouse, is the farthest the team’s route extends.

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