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Proxy servers updating

As with the protocol type, address entries are case insensitive.If a port number is given, the request is processed only if all previous requirements are met and the request uses the specified port number.For more information about automatic proxy configuration, see Chapter 21 , "Using Automatic Configuration and Automatic Proxy." Some network requests need to bypass the proxy.

If a protocol is specified, requests with the address will be bypassed only if they are of the indicated protocol type.Proxy and other LAN settings can be altered for each connection configuration, and a friendly name can be assigned to each configuration - for example, "docking station." The following section covers two key issues that you should consider if your organization uses proxy servers: Corporate administrators and ISPs can preset proxy server settings by entering the settings in Stage 4 of the Internet Explorer Customization wizard.The following illustration shows the Proxy Settings screen.A proxy bypass entry may begin with a protocol type: https://, ftp://, or gopher://.If a protocol type is used, the exception entry applies only to requests for that protocol. Multiple entries should be separated by semicolons.

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For example, when the user types proxy , it's treated the same as if the user typed .

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