Racist dating service

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Racist dating service

Di Tomaso observes that while Americans place very high value on the of equal opportunity, virtually all of us seek “unequal opportunity” in our own lives by leveraging our intimate relationships to achieve our goals, including our professional goals.Yet most of us don’t see the help of family and friends as an unfair leg up.Had I been born a few years later or a few years earlier, however, it’s entirely possible that I would have either found a crew of co-ethnics with whom to bond or I would have felt like much more of an outsider.But instead I grew up in an in-between moment in which people didn’t have a strong sense of what people like me were supposed to be like, and so I at least felt that I had the breathing room to define myself.In a somewhat similar vein, one of Ok Cupid’s questions reads as follows: “Would you strongly prefer to go out with someone of your own skin color/racial background?

Answering questions allows Ok Cupid’s fancy algorithms to identify people who might be a good fit for you.” If, like me, you are a compact American, you could save an enormous amount of time by ruling out women who are uninterested in dating smaller men.All of the time you’d otherwise waste on messaging statuesque beauties could instead be spent indulging in more fruitful leisure time pursuits, like hang-gliding or backgammon.This kind of “opportunity hoarding” is accepted as par for the course.We could make an effort to eliminate in-group favoritism, but such an effort would inevitably fail, as in-group favoritism is a powerful human impulse.

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