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Anna denies her friend has ever had any connection to TV Rain.She told TJournal that since buying the phone, she never gave anyone else access to it and that her Telegram account was the only one that ever logged in on the device.Her attempts to send her own messages to the chats failed.And there were no signs that other chat participants had any idea an outsider was watching their conversations.But these known elements of Telegram's systems do not fully explain why Gorbacheva, whose device had seemingly never belonged to anyone associated with TV Rain, suddenly began receiving notifications of their private messages.Gorbacheva's experience suggests that Telegram's security flaws may be worse than critics previously thought.

Short of deleting their newly set up accounts from the devices and from Telegram wholesale and losing all user data, there was no ways to resolve the privacy issue.A Russian Telegram user has reported receiving strange notifications from Telegram chats she was never a member of.The unsolicited messenger notifications have, among other things, allowed the user to follow the internal chat of the social media team of the Russian independent channel TV Rain. And what does it say about Telegram's supposedly secure systems for communication?Right: A screencap of her unsuccessful attempt to send a message back. In January, I saw a message on my lockscreen from a conversation I was never a part of. The chat wouldn't show up, even though the notifications of new messages kept coming. Telegram's support did not reply, so Anna simply deleted Telegram altogether.But recently, she needed the messenger for her work at an advertising agency, so she set it up again. As previously, Anna could see the notifications for messages, but could not access the chats themselves.

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They told her to exit out of all active sessions of the messenger.

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