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Reiki dating

Sound Healing – An experienced practitioner or shaman performs healing with instruments like flutes, drums, and bells.

The vibrations of sound are used to cleanse or re-balance the chakra system.

The chakra system consists of seven energy centers located along the mid-line of the body.

They start at the base of the spine, at the root or first chakra and travel up to the top of the head, which caps off at the crown, or seventh chakra.

If you’re going through a break-up or having a difficult time in a current relationship, keeping a rose quartz gem in your pocket or on a necklace can help re-balance the heart chakra, as the crystals have a greater effect when they are placed near the corresponding energy center.

It’s a great healing modality for those who are new to re-balancing the chakra.For instance, lavender soothes your first chakra, where your adrenal glands initiate the stress response. The olfactory bulbs of the nose (the glands that control our sense of smell) are directly tied to the limbic system in the brain, which controls emotions, behavior and long-term memory.Certain smells trigger very specific emotions and can help heal our chakras.Crystal Therapy – Since each chakra vibrates on its own frequency, there are corresponding crystals that can help restore balance.If you’re missing a friend or a loved one, holding a rose quartz stone can help heal the heart, or fourth chakra, which is tied to love and relationships.

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The first chakra would be worth looking into if you find yourself constantly worrying about money and your financial security.