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This gives the other person all of the "power" and "influence" in the situation.

They are in a position to "take you" or "leave you", without you having much more say in the matter.

Similarly, if only 1 piece of contact information is available, the fee is 10 credits.

If the lady declines your request, then you will be given a full refund.

Known as the Ben Franklin Effect, it is the phenomenon where people like others more when they do a favor for them (Jecker & Landry, 1969).

That is, when the OTHER PERSON does a favor for you, THEY like you more.

In fact, sometimes these techniques are even more persuasive than the "direct approach". This could even be something small like, "could you grab me a straw"?

Rather than "putting yourself out there", get the other person to invest a little first. Or, "could you watch my stuff for a minute while I get a coffee"? I have discussed the reason for this "investment" effect elsewhere (see here and here).

Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor Sometimes it can be difficult to "break the ice" and start a conversation with someone attractive.

So, when someone answers your question, give them a little back in return! They will more than likely chime in with their own statement.

Break the ice on your terms, then show them who you are a bit too. If they are not interested and say nothing, then you have not risked anything. It is possible to get to know someone else, without throwing yourself at their mercy.

These reasons include: Beyond all of those reasons, however, approaching someone is difficult because you are often opening yourself up for evaluation.

Essentially, you are saying "I like you"..asking "do you like me"?

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If the lady has provided all 3 pieces of contact information, the processing fee is 30 credits.

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