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The more pain a person is in, the more arousing he or she may find it – that is the primary behavior and belief for individuals with problems in this category.

Actual arousal or orgasm may not be possible without the presence of pain because they are intrinsically combined – you can’t have one without the other.

The individual who has problems in this category more than likely confuses sex with love and commitment.

Constantly jumping from one intense relationship to the next, falling in love repeatedly, and thoughts that “the next time will be different” are all common.

The exchanging of sexual partners or participating in sexual activities with more than one person are typical behaviors in this category.

A person may proposition others to have sex with his or her partner just to watch, or encourage his or her partner to proposition others.

These trysts rarely take place in a person’s home and more often are held in bars, public restrooms, alleyways, etc.

This category can even include masturbating using webcams, visiting chat rooms and posting explicit pictures, or using highly sexualized words/phrases in online forums.

Many grew up in families in which addiction already flourished, including alcoholism, drugs, gambling, and/or compulsive eating.Although there are not any substances such as cocaine or beer involved, the brain releases certain chemicals during the performance of sexual behaviors that create the same type of “high” feeling as addictive substances.It is these “high” feelings that become addictive, and therefore, the behavior that helped create that feeling becomes necessary, not voluntary. Patrick Carnes in his book, states, “Contrary to enjoying sex as a self-affirming source of physical pleasure, the sex addict has learned to rely on sex for comfort from pain, nurturing, or relief from stress, etc., the way an alcoholic relies on alcohol, or a drug addict on drugs.” It is important to note that this doesn’t mean that just because a person feels good or euphoric after sex or some other sexual behavior he or she is an addict.Most grapple with other addictions in addition to sex addiction, but often find overcoming sexual addiction the most difficult. First, it is important to understand what addiction is.Understanding the basic fundamentals can help you compare sex addiction to other types of addiction you may be more familiar with, such as drugs or alcohol.

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Hosting parties (lock and key parties for example) with the specific goal to have sex or belonging to a nudist club are also behaviors seen from individuals who may have a problem in this category.