Rocsi dating lisa raye husband

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Rocsi dating lisa raye husband

I don't know what she could possibly say to me that could make me say okay." You were recently featured in a racy cover shoot in Black Men Magazine. "I'm so upset about that because let me tell you they were not supposed to use that picture. This is probably the first time she so openly discussed the scandalous affair or her bad blood with fellow actress Vivica. I have ran across tacky, classless, hoes and woman just like you everywhere I've gone. There are also "projects" in most urban cities and most of them don't have nothing on New Orleans especially those outside of the south!!! Rocsi is a hoe, but so is Lil Kim, Lisa Raye & a lot of others who are far from New Orleans. you got to respect Lisa for being honest, she is very true to her self, we know alot of Gold Diggers, you ever wonder how these women stay married up to different famous men, same way, but Lisa is honest about hers, every woman should have standards, lol read the Steve Harvey book!! well let me rephrase, every one knows she is a party girl, but I see in this business integrity has nothing to do with how far you get, And Im not on any he say, she say, media reports, nope i have been in the same environment.

We are not going to use this butt shot because she's an older woman, she's a mother, and she's not Diamond. If you look at my facial expression on the cover, it's almost if I'm going "huh? It's not fair to a former first lady and it's not fair to a single mother who's an older woman now." Wow. I am a beautiful, classy, highly educated, successful woman from New Orleans so yes you are stereotyping and being ignorant. Oh and voodoo is something you tourist like to equate with New Orleans but do your research honey & you'll be surprised @ what you find.

She is insecure and looking for someone to stroke her cracked and fragile ego. @ The Jonhson Sisters- slow down boo- clearly YOU dont know everythang- smh Lisa Raye is flawless in that picture- Another Black sista makin it rain on them hoes- lol she makes 40 plus look like 20 plus- Lisa werk boo werk!!! Did she do something to y'all for you to be so angry about how she is living her life.

She isn't the first person to be backstabbed, cheated on or lied to and she won't be the last. This is probably the first time she so openly discussed the scandalous affair or her bad blood with fellow actress Vivica. smh @The Johnson Sisters Clearly, you proved my point...ingorance, classless, and tackless women comes from all cities. She has not been in the mags like that so all of this Lisa raye this and that is kind of overboard.

In the midst of that you get a couple pictures that [are] not appropriate.

She's going through a lot, but in the beginning of the show last night, she said she's working on her relationship with God. Yeah I can cook, but I don't sit around sucking D**k all day.

Sources have even reported that Rocsi stayed at the Misick home and hosted guests as if she was the lady of the house.

“It’s not the woman’s fault and definitely, he put her in that position…This is a historical position, that I’m in and that Michael is in as the Premier of this country and the First Lady of this country.

It's a different country and they don't do things the same way we do things over here. The second part, which is the divorce settlement, is not." Did you know Rocsi? Because to me, if you're going to do whatever you're going to do... And I see that she flew in and you flew out.' I didn't know that she knew my husband." Have you seen her since? "I was going to lie down and die because I fell out with Vivica. Becareful of what you judge and envy, cause you dont know what these people have been through or who they are, or what they are capable of.

'We are not going to use this shot where her nipple is showing because that is not appropriate. It took me right back to my video vixen Diamond days, which is not fair to me. Don't be mad because we can be bad and cook & I'm quite sure you suck dick!!

You should have enough tastefullness and integrity about yourself as a photographer and as a publisher [to say], we are not going to use this shot because she was getting in to position. But any hoo I provide counseling if you wanna talk about it.

Before you start trying to make such silly and immature remarks yeahbabe and johnsonsisters find out how other people in New Orleans live.

Thank you have a bless day :) This chick is bitter. And the pics she took knowing they were going to get published.

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And now the 106 & Park host is rumored to be dating legendary funny man, Eddie Murphy!