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Roman dating kalends

There were two important festivals, Refugium and Equirria, which fell at the end of February and which could not be separated from the beginning of March.

They are transferred to the intercalary month, but notice with the Roman method of counting backwards, they keep their day numbering constant whether it's a regular or intercalary year.

The very earliest calendar used by the Romans is obscure.

By later Republican times, however, it is, if not regular, at least well documented.

The day before the Kalends (or Nones or Ides) was called "pridie" (or 2) Kalends, the day before that 3, etc.

The decision to insert the intercalary month was made by the pontifexes.

In theory the intercalation was roughly every other year.

For all other months, the Ides were the 13th and the Nones the 5th. meaning in this context ante diem, not anno domini, of course!

If it wasn’t one of these "special" days, a Roman would say it was n days before the next special day. ) The months are adjectives and describe the Kalends, Ides, or Nones when they are translated into Latin.

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There are several days in a month that aren’t what you would expect.

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