Romanian dating phrases

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In the Latin sentence, “,” meaning, ‘The boy loves the girl,’ however, the roles are reversed and the meaning is changed completely.Romanian has also maintained use of a third gender—neuter—for its nouns, as in Latin, but this is no longer the case in any of Romanian’s modern relatives—all of which have only the masculine and feminine genders for nouns.In addition, Romania is a beautiful country and one that is worth visiting in order to experience its welcoming people, pristine landscapes, and rich cultural and historical heritage.From a purely linguistic standpoint, Romanian is a fascinating language; it has been said many times before that a solid foundation in Romanian would make learning Spanish, French, and the other more well-known Romance languages far easier.There are many reasons, thus, to focus on learning Romanian; and perhaps in the future this beautiful and often misunderstood language will stand more prominently among its more commonly-spoken counterparts.Missouri, USA Clara Miller-Broomfield is a fourth-year Romance Language student with minors in anthropology and linguistics.She became fascinated by language after taking her first French class at age fourteen and hasn’t looked back since!Clara hopes to pursue a career in translation and to learn many more languages in the future.

Most people are unaware of this, but both the band and the song achieved worldwide recognition because of the language in which it was sung—and less so because of the strange video!

Interestingly, it has maintained a pared down version of the case system used in Latin —a feature that has long since died out in all other Romance languages.

In a grammatical case system, endings or forms of words are changed in order to reflect their role in a sentence as a subject, direct object, indirect object, etc.

in the language itself) is a Latin-derived language related closely to languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

It has the distinction of being the only Romance language still spoken in eastern Europe, with official status in Romania, Moldova, and parts of Serbia and Greece; it is also recognised in Hungary as a minority language and spoken in Ukraine, Albania, and Macedonia.

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Despite its approximately 24 million speakers (according to Ethnologue), however, Romanian is very often left out of Romance language degree programmes entirely—eclipsed by its more well-known counterparts of French and Spanish in particular.

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