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November 2011 Sky News has its Twitter account hacked, and announces that News Corporation’s Chief Executive and Chairman James Murdoch had been arrested by police in London. August 2012 Pro-Syrian government messages are planted by hackers on the Reuters news service website, including a fake interview with a Syrian rebel leader.

January 2013 The New York Times says that Chinese hackers have had access to their network for four months, broken into email accounts, and stolen all employees’ passwords.

April 2010 New York Times journalist Andrew Jacobs claims that his Yahoo email account was hacked while he was in Beijing, forwarding all of his correspondence to a third party.

June 2010 The Jerusalem Post website is compromised, and infected with malware.

May 2009 Spammers manage to hack a Twitter account belonging to the New York Times, and attempt to redirect followers to a sexy webcam site.

September 2009 Online readers of the New York Times are hit by fake anti-virus attacks.

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