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Sanath gunatilaka sex vidiyo

In one, Burns appears flying through Smithers's bedroom window as a large predatory bird, or jumping out of a birthday cake and singing "Happy birthday, Mr. When Smithers powers up his computer, the screensaver is clearly a de facto nude Mr. Burns himself has been involved with several women, much to Smithers's frustration, such as Marge Simpson's mother, Jacqueline Bouvier, Marge herself, and Gloria.He was disgusted by strippers who danced in front of him in a strip club.It was implied once that something laid eggs in Smithers's brain and was considered serious enough of a medical issue that Mr.Burns, who had himself been discharged from the Mayo Clinic with a clean bill of health (relatively speaking) apologized to Smithers about his news, with Smithers himself stating that, since he considered the mere fact that even one egg was laid in his brain was "too many," he'd "prefer not knowing" how many eggs were in his brain.In Future-Drama, Bart comes across Smithers and a blonde woman at Burns' mansion. Burns convinced Sideshow Bob to run for mayor, it was Smithers who revealed to Bart and Lisa a clue that would lead them to the truth about Bob's not-so-honest victory in the mayoral election, hinting that his reasons were due to Sideshow Bob planning on enacting policies that were oppressive to his orientation. This drove him into a nightmare of alcohol abuse and Comedy Central viewing.Smithers reveals that he is straight as long as he keeps injecting himself with hormones every ten minutes. He intended to supply them with the information anonymously, although his efforts were spoiled by Homer Simpson driving up and then activating his headlights. Burns attempted to block the sun from Springfield after stealing oil from the elementary school, (Who Shot Mr. He was the main suspect in the subsequent shooting of Mr. However, he did, in a drunken stupor, shoot Jasper in his wooden leg while trying to rush home to watch his favorite TV show. After Burns is shot, Smithers goes to church where he admits to God he is not a Catholic, although he did try to march in the Saint Patrick's Day Parade.

He has lived with Burns since he was an infant, and though partly raised by him, Burns has never seen Smithers as a stepson or an heir; nonetheless, his loyalty to his evil boss is sincere.

When Homer loses his temper and punches Burns in the face, Mr.

Burns learns to become self-reliant and this results in Smithers being fired.

Smithers acted as the main antagonist of The Simpsons Arcade Game by Konami, where he abducted Maggie (due to her taking a diamond that he had stolen during a heist at a jewelry store). Nick's "no questions asked clinic", having apparently put something in his butt which was now stuck there.

After a prolonged chase (including initially losing his quarry in the mountains before retrieving her via a hot air balloon), Smithers proceeded to fight them in Mr. After being defeated, he reveals lots of bombs in his coat, only to express shock when they are lit, exploding and presumably killing him, or at the very least severely injuring him. Burns, who had been watching the entire fight from a painting and who had orchestrated the heist (and by extension, the kidnapping), then proceeded to personally deal with them in a mecha, although he was soundly defeated. Burns and has at least occasional fantasies about the older man. Smithers has declared his love for Burns on some occasions, such as kissing Mr. ", believing the world was ending, later explaining it to him as "merely a sign of my respect".

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