Sedating older cat for travel

Posted by / 24-Jan-2015 00:23

Sedating older cat for travel

The most common car trip is usually to the vet, and that event causes enough anxiety by itself.

Post-op, its synergistic effects with drugs like opiates mean that a small dose of acepromazine makes the pain relievers more effective in smaller doses. But I don’t tend to reach for acepromazine in the first two instances (for which sedation is the ultimate goal).Because it’s way cheaper than alternatives like dexmedetomidine and way less “abuse-prone” than hydromorphone (a morphine-like opiate), we tend to stick to it.But that’s not acceptable as a matter of course say some anesthesiologists and behaviorists.That’s why, I believe, acepromazine continues to hold sway in small animal veterinary medicine for sedation.That, its low abuse potential, its relative safety, its effectiveness..the price factor, of course.

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Sure, it keeps staff safe, but all kinds of drugs can do that...while inducing drowsiness and offering the minimized awareness we associate with comfortable sedation in ourselves.