Seeking relationship advise kenya

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Whats App groups are also cropping up as places where broken hearts seek solace.

Because of my maturity, I sensed something was wrong. I advised her to tell her son to rent a house then pay a year’s rent for him — then tell him to find food on his own,” says Ms Wanjiku.“I had also lost my child and was telling him how I went through that period,” he says.

I want to imagine that that person who is calling there, everyone will talk about the values they have if they advise them.

So, in a professional counselling, you don’t impose values or we don’t advise,” says the counsellor.“One feeling that you get when you air your problem is catharsis — you release. They gave you a sense of relief, they gave you a high.

Lifestyle explores some of the unconventional places where Kenyans go to seek advice and looks at why counselling experts want the public to seek professional advice rather than confiding in people who “have their own problems”, in the words of Nairobi-based counsellor Kendi Ashitiva.“Mbithe owns a salon in Wote.

I got to know her immediately after secondary school, when I was young and naive.

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But we pay gynaecologists the same if not more; we pay dentists the same …