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As usual there was nothing to watch and I suggested to watch some ****.

She gets really wet when we watch **** together, I rubbed her ***** while we both watched a MILF getting ****** by two young fellows. I absolutely LOVE giving my wife oral sex, but sometimes, I just gotta take control and and get mine.

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oh my god i am such a little but s1*t There is nothing I enjoy more than having my *** eaten. even though it was cold I still wore my lil b**ty shorts in my snug hockey jersey that showed my bly. As I type this, she's naked and on her knees in front of me. I remember being a young girl and talking with mates about sex....whenever anal came up, all the girls became nervous and embarassed, and honestly, I was red in the face as well.It always starts with me getting between her legs to taste one of her delicious *******, but sometimes after that I just gotta get some too. is a Live Phone Sex Network where adults 18 years or older can make friends, send messages, share images, videos, voice files and have fun. On sat some of my uncles took the kids out on the boat for a couple hours, so D and I decided it was a good time to go on a little "walk" in the woods. i made this group because i thought it was about time that there was some positive groups about sex and the state of matrimony. I have had dirtier sex, kinkier sex,sex with guys even. I was in the Army; she still lived at home with her family. I showed her her first ****; she reacted by hesitantly reaching out and touching it gently. This past weekend, we had a big family camping trip, altogether there were about 30 of us and we had a great time. I love my wife and every thing she does, its magic. Ok so technically she wont be by wife for 8 more days but I can say with absolute honesty that sex with her is the best I've ever had.

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Lucky for me he came w/i 5 mins and came so hard in my *** that I was fingering myself at the same time. I love to stick ****** up my *** or something with a round head. Then while he had me pinned down ******* me from behind he suddenly pulled out and...