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W., 3, KY Bettie Hubbard, 20 KY Shelton Hubbard, 1 KY 1860 Census - Montgomery Co., KY (cannot find earlier census records. Anderson before their marriage and that they eloped from their parents to get married in 1844 or 1845 by Squire Shelton in Aberdeen, Brown Co, Oh.- , George W. Anderson, 19, male, KY (Brice) Mary Anderson, 16, KY Margaret Anderson, 13, KY 1860 Census - Montgomery Co., KY Thos. Anderson, 67, KY Peggy Anderson, 65, KY Abihu Anderson, 26, KY Margaret Anderson, 21, KY Mary E Anderson, 3, KY 1870 Census - Montgomery Co., KY Margaret Anderson, 75 Margaret, 28 Sally Ingram, 21 (Boarder) Jane Jones, 14 (Boarder) Abina Anderson, 32, KY Mary, 19, KY G. Anderson about 15 years before he was in the army; family physician before and since his war service; he lived within 2 miles of me and sometimes worked for me; about a week before he died, his nose and upper lip were entirely gone; diagnosis was cancer of the nose because it was eating away flesh; cause of death was cancer of the nose complicated by venereal disease.- , Carlisle Myers, Jeffersonville, Montgomery Co, Ky: 69 years old; knew Elizabeth & James H.

For the mixed blood Cherokee of the time were the priests, prophets, engineers and administrators, who were the elite of running the new spiritual pyramid temple cities of both Mexico and Central America. My guess is that this record pertains to land left to heirs at death of Eli Hubbard. Anderson from his childhood; their marriage was a "runaway marriage"; in about 1844, "after they returned and were living together as husband and wife the neighbors talked about them a good deal and then they brought their marriage certificate to my store near Camargo and I read it over aloud in the presence of quite a number of people at their request in order to show that they had really been married to each other and that they were not living, as had been supposed, in adultery". Sterling, Montgomery Co, Ky: 78 (76) years old; farmer; P. address is Camargo, Ky; knew Elizabeth about 5 years before she was married; knew James H. However this story was not true for the majority of mixed blood Cherokee people of that time!For the the upper class elite of mixed blood Cherokee of the late 1700s and early 1800s, it was not uncommon for them to have extensive plantations, a lavish life-style that would have not been uncommon in London or Paris and a sizable work force of African slaves. The preference of mixed blood Cherokee men of the time were to marry European or other mixed blood Cherokee women.

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The 1870 census shows Bettie Hubbard as a single mother of 1 year old son, Shelton Hubbard.

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