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Analysis based on morphological methods can yield age estimation error margins of greater than ±10 years (for reviews, see Refs.1 and 2), whereas precise methods such as aspartic acid racemization and radiocarbon analysis report accuracies of ±3 and ±1–2 years, respectively (3–7).The determination of age and sex of the body can be crucial to the investigator to limit the search for individuals that could possibly match missing person lists and therefore minimize efforts involving very unlikely alternatives.Whereas gender today can be determined with DNA methods, age determination is not as straightforward.Because of the continuous formation and removal or degradation of amino acids, tissues with low metabolic rates provide better age estimates than those with high metabolic rates.With this in mind, teeth are the tissue of choice for age estimation analysis.The date of formation of a tissue can be estimated from the bomb curve by considering these lags in incorporation and relating the C incorporation from the atmosphere to the body (12).

The rationale behind using radiocarbon analysis is that aboveground testing of nuclear weapons during the cold war (1955–1963) caused an extreme increase in global levels of carbon-14 (C), which has been carefully recorded over time.

However, atmospheric (aboveground) detonations of nuclear weapons during the period of the cold war (1955–1963) doubled the concentration of C has moved out of the atmosphere due to mixing with large marine and terrestrial carbon reservoirs.

Because radiocarbon is incorporated into all living things, this pulse (known as the “bomb curve”) forms an isotopic chronometer of the past 60 years.

Age estimation in children and adolescents often depends on morphological methods, such as radiological examination of skeletal and dental development.

In adults, however, age estimation based on these methods is much less accurate.

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