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Hamilton would check her clothes, inspect her genitalia, smell her, and watch her. She stated that once when they were driving in a truck, pulling a horse trailer, he pulled to the side of the road, left their small children in the truck, and took her into the horse trailer and forced her into anal sex.She stated that the rapes were extremely painful and caused her to bleed.: Hamilton's first wife stated that the pain from the forced anal sex would cause her to pass out from the pain from his penis.Both had children and a Brady Bunch type family merger was in effect.During their courtship in 2005, she stated that Hamilton treated her well, doted on her, and came across as very protective of her.

When she came forward, Captain Ricky Childers with the Polk County Sheriff's Office contacted local Texas Ranger, Ryan Clendennan for assistance, as the allegations extended into neighboring counties.: In 2006 she married Hamilton.She stated that Hamilton would insist on anal sex against her will, and that if she didn't give in to his desires he would become mean to her.If she didn't comply, he would accuse her of infidelity.Punishment phase of the trial is set for today (May 25).Prosecutor, Kari Allen, gave an impassioned and emotional speech to the jury, urging the jury to find Hamilton guilty of aggravated sexual assault (District Judge, Kaycee Jones is pictured in the background at left).

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After marriage, she noticed that he began to change. She stated that Hamilton would mistreat her daughters while treating his own daughters favorably.