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Posted by / 14-Jan-2017 18:42

Although is virtually synonymous with online chatting for Nepalis, the webmasters are trying to do something out of the ordinary.

State radio's already web-casts Nepali music 24 hours on the site.

There are 16 Internet Service Providers for the rather small Nepali market of 100,000 Internet users.

Being online still isn't big business for anyone, except a handful of travel-and trade-related sites who can make the odd buck from online registration for their services.

Nepali users from overseas usually log on to news sites like nepalnews and kantipuronline.

Many users of entertainment sites like, and are Nepalis who see the more technically advanced international services like Yahoo!

Most visitors to entertainment sites are from the Valley and their favourite pastime seems to be tapping away at their keyboards, producing inane exclamations and flirting in chat space.

Of course, given the size and particular ramifications of Nepal and its economy, it's highly unlikely we'll have any real transition to a New Economy anytime soon, or see local firms listing on NASDAQ unless someone here goes online with a brilliant new application or service.

Tourism industry professionals like trekking agencies and hotels also have sites.

The basic facts are everywhere but, sadly, no single site has been creative enough to go beyond the obvious in terms of information, images or analyses.

In Nepal, like in many wired societies, first-mover advantage, user-friendliness and technical finesse often make the perennial critical arguments about bandwidth and appropriate Net-technology for developing countries irrelevant in the context of community building.

But in general, the rise and fall of Nepali sites is a tale of failure to be innovative.

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is thriving only because it provided the first Java-based chat applet and constantly upgraded it to the present voice chat.