Sex no account

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Sex no account

The messages we receive that suggest we are somehow faulty or morally bankrupt may be more subtle than they used to be, but they are still there, and it still takes work to avoid internalizing them.

Having and enjoying queer sex is one way to do that.

Queer sex has undeniably radical roots, and accepting our own desires as real and valid remains a difficult and often extended struggle in every queer person’s life.

It has gotten much, much easier to be openly queer in this country, but it still isn’t easy.

Then I realized what I meant was that I had gone to several protests over the course of the previous two weekends.

Protesting, donating, calling our representatives, and volunteering to the best of our abilities seem like the most effective options we have (oh, and voting in the midterms!

), but few of a citizen’s duties are reliably easy and fun.

An executive order permitting “religious freedom” for Christians who oppose LGBTQ rights could be coming any day now.

Meanwhile, the most vulnerable among us suffer; trans women in particular are more likely to be targeted by hate crimes than any other minority group.

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” (Does arguing that sex is queer people’s “greatest form of resistance” mean that queer-identified people who aren’t having sex aren’t doing their part to fight fascism?

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