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Also, in general, the females do absolutely nothing during sex. Part of why I find Seifuku Shoujo so painful is because the voice acting of the girls is fantastic.

They are being raped, and it is clear that they don't enjoy it at all. There are all kinds of people in the world, but I do NOT find this sexy. They make you feel what they feel, and what they feel is pain and anguish. I have nothing to say about the male voice acting other than that the male lead in episode 3 sounds appropriately creepy and disturbed (which is to say, VERY).

In addition to rape not floating many people's boats, it's not even very hot because of the disgusting images of the males involved.

The characters in Seifuku Shoujo are impressively one-dimensional.

Pretty much all you have are the female leads and the old men who rape them.

The character designs of the younger guys are not repulsive, and that's pretty much all I can say here.

The older guys, however, definitely do not come across as attractive, and that's really a huge understatement.


The character designs of the girls are generally pleasant, although the eye designs are weird, and the head-design occasionally takes on a strange inverted-raindrop shape (bulbous at the top of the hair and tapering off with a pointy chin).

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