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Sexwebemma watson chatbot

So before diving in, a big shoutout to IBM research, who laid out much of the ground work for making this robot possible.Here is the official announcement and the official TJBot Github repository.

You can look through the mic official documentation if you’d like to make any changes. Then simply do As you can see, besides setting the parameters, doing Watson Speech To Text is literally one line of code (line 31).”You: “I’m having nightmares.”TJBot: “Don’t be scared. This too shall pass.”Here a video of TJBot in action: But you say, “Josh, it’s silly to share my precious feelings with a cardboard robot.” Well I beg to differ.First of all, I promise you that unlike most humans, TJBot won’t judge you no matter what you say.Go ahead and clone the repo and I’ll walk you through how to set everything up in the following steps.This will do the trick: Tutorial on Instructables: Also made by IBM Research.

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