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Clearly something in clear violation of islam, but here we have something greater to worry about, the people that are creating this content and putting it on the internet for all to see.

Make of it what you will, the disciples of Ayatollah Khomeini and the minions of Ahmadinejad are not all busy studying the Qur'an. RE "The 'moral depravity' comment at the end is a cheap shot," Sex is universal, but looking it up as a foreign word on the Internet is not universal.

I would not build any great theories on these data, but it is interesting nonetheless. Thailand, touted as the world 'sex capital' figures nowhere, and India getting atleast a bronze medal in all categories! here its usually a younger age group which spends time with computers and internet. But it could also mean that the average guys in Iran think more of sex than jihad, which is much healthier.

Posted at Zio Nation-Zionism and Israel Web Log, your intelligent and constructive comments are welcome. It would have nothing to do with the Israel-Arab conflict if it didn't have to do with Arabs and with Iran, a country whose leader has vowed to destroy Israel. Ami Isseroff, Thursday, May 18th Hi Ami, Interesting article.

Theyre both Brazilian, note the typical brazilian tan lines she boasts.

Easy to mistake, had many of my friends mistake these girls when I get them too as they host a lot of mixed races in brazil. If a girl is pretty and sexy it is of no interest to me were they come from. Multi racial and multi sexual with multi talents to make everyone happy is all that we need to know.

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I suppose some are in Youporn for pursuing agenda not watching porn! "Russian" nobody comes and say "it is not Russiam" or "she is not russian"! Note: no guy can trully hate a people if he gets horny with their women!!!! they are brazilian, im poortuguese and i understand what they say.. so youare all wrogn x D allez les gars laisse tomber vos jugements qu elles soit arabe ou juive ou europeenne regarder la bonne baise des ces qualitees de son corps elle est superbe repnder a mon commentaire si j ai bien raison ok..bonne soiree a tous et a toutes ..

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