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I have an idea: let’s all move someplace where it’s not 120 degrees outside. This country prides itself so much on its glitz and glamour that it put a picture of its 7-star hotel on the license plate.

Yet, the public toilets in the king-of-bling Gold Souk district are holes in the ground with no toilet paper or soap.

The TV commercials are repeated so often that I am determined NOT to buy anything I see advertised on television here just for thee principle of it. Driving ten minutes out of the way to make a U-turn is not uncommon.

When I say repeated often, I mean every commercial break – sometimes more than once. People are not able to give directions most of the time (remember reason #1), and the maps are little help because most have few road names on them, if any. You just have to hope you got on the freeway in the right place and start counting because they are not numbered. Taxi drivers work very hard here to earn a living because travel by taxi is still relatively inexpensive, even though the cost of living is not (see reason #7).

Don’t even think about giving someone the finger; the offense could land you in jail. Consider the waste that occurs from erecting buildings on top of these sand monsters and from the people that occupy them coupled with the lack of an effective recycling program and you have an environmental disaster on your hands.

Add to this more gas guzzling SUVs than fuel-efficient cars on the road and the need for 24-hour powerful air-conditioning and its evident that the environment is not high on the priority list of the UAE.

The government says VOIP is blocked for security reasons, yet even the residents of communist China and North Korea have access to these inexpensive calls. The only greenery around are the roadside gardens planted by the government, who waters the hell out of them in the middle of the day. Didn’t you say we should cut down on our water consumption because you are unable to keep up with the demand?Try squatting without touching anything and keeping your pants from touching anything either. Even though taking passports is supposedly illegal, the government knows it happens and does nothing to enforce the law.These poor people are promised a certain pay, but the companies neglect to tell them they will be deducting their cost of living from their paychecks, leaving them virtually penniless – that is, if they choose to pay them.Yeah, yeah.” When you purchase something that requires delivery they do not have an address line, but a box where you are expected to draw a map. Explain like this: I live on the street after the airport road, but before the roundabout. That’s hard to swallow for a freedom loving American, but I get it.I do not understand, however, why all VOIP access and related web sites are blocked.

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Hoses to rinse your nether regions, however, are provided. This country encourages businesses to hire people from other poor countries to come here and work.

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