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Let him know that shyness is something that can be defeated and let him feel that he is not alone because people including you can be shy too once in a while.

You think she's rejecting you and is laughing at the idea (in fact she's just culturally handling the social awkwardness.) She thinks you're being socially insensitive because of your cultural faux-pas. So how are things supposed to happen naturally with all these cultural misunderstandings in the way?

No matter what the medium is, the most important thing in dealing with a shy guy is to help him talk and open up to you. Guys who are shy need time to feel comfortable with the opposite sex and rushing him or forcing him to go out of his shell will not be helpful. Do not pressure him or force him but let things happen naturally. A shy guy can be very private and it is a big leap for him to step forward and share things with you so if he managed to accomplish that, respect his shared feelings. He may not appreciate hearing that you shared those things he confided to you with your family and friends.

It is important to gain his trust and confidence for him to continue opening himself to you.

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It’s easy to talk to a dude who’s happy to talk right back to you, but it’s not as easy to chat up someone who barely gives you more than a one-word answer.

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Check out her dilemma, see what other girls had to say and offer your own words of wisdom. The best thing to do is first hang around the people he hangs with; like if you know anyone that knows the person you like, then tell them to help you and slowly get to know him. Start off nice, then slowly start showing him what kinda of personality you have. It sounds like you’re going to have to be the one that makes the first move with this dude. If he’s really that shy, he will probably love and respect the fact that you have the guts to make a move on him.