Skype group link for adult

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Skype group link for adult

In 2011 Kevin quit his job and formed Kevin has worked in the IT industry for 20 years, although he wrote his first "app" when he was 9.

Kevin worked for the Retail and Logistics Software experts Axida (now Paragon HDx) for 15 years, where he was responsible for managing and implementing multi-million pound infrastructure solutions for some of the largest household names in the UK.

The end user does not have to do anything other than occasionally look at the display to benefit from it - there is no other interaction required.

Specifically designed to require no interaction from the end user for it to work.Reminders can be set to appear either randomly or at set times during the day.Supported by audio, spoken and visual cues, reminders can be used to re-enforce behaviours and notify of imminent events/activities (e.g time to eat, favourite TV programme is on).A simple set-up system can be accessed by family, friends and carers to tailor the system to suit individual needs via the myhomehelper website, from anywhere that has access to an internet connection - be that at home, work or even on holiday.It has been designed as an "always on" system and once set-up only needs to be maintained when new activities, appointments or photos etc need adding.

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