Soap opera couples dating real life

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Remember when Bo kidnapped Hope from her wedding to another dude? Luke is portrayed by Anthony Geary, and Laura is portrayed by Genie Francis.Though other supercouples came before them, Luke and Laura are the best known outside of the soap opera medium and are credited with defining the term supercouple and leading other soap operas to try to duplicate their success.The unlikely pairing became popular in spite of Luke's past misdeed when the story shifted to focus on love and redemption.Before, the show revolved around hospital stories, including alcoholism, obesity, mental disorders, and cancer.In a 2008 interview with Soap Opera Digest, Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin) said Monty planned to continue the Scotty, Laura, and Luke triangle for a longer period, but his 1980 departure forced a story change. Former head writer Thom Racina intended to hold off the couple's marriage and allow them to be separated by Scotty for six more months.

Extra credit if you are Starr Manning and trying to reunite your parents (back when we still called her Starr, before she changed her name, hair, and moved to another soap opera…whatever). In real life, if we don't like what our loved ones tell us, there comes a time when we need to accept their wishes and not keep pushing until they give us what we want. This is very confusing for the non-fan but works something like this—Sonny was mad at Carly (his 3x ex-wife) for indirectly causing the accidental shooting of his current-pseudo-girlfriend and baby momma, Olivia. His great love and regret and guilt are what caught the audience so off guard." In a 2000 interview with Soap Opera Digest, Geary said, for the taping of the scenes, "Alan Pultz, who had directed the rape originally, used his original notes and directed me that day to recall all of that.I was able to finally put out what I think is Luke's definitive statement: that it was rape, it was ugly, he'd probably never recover." He added, "I was grateful that the directors and the writers were interested in what Luke's experience was and didn't try to spin it for audience control." After the rape storyline, the focus of General Hospital began to center on Luke and Laura's romance.Elizabeth Taylor called General Hospital's studio after reading about the wedding's being postponed in a soap opera magazine.She made a deal to appear on the series if Luke and Laura married.

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Shortly after the wedding aired, Francis left the show, taking a portion of the audience with her.

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