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Sonora mexico dating

The tradition is named after trenches found in a number of sites, the best known of which is the Cerro de Trincheras.The Huatabampo tradition is centered south of the Trincheras along the coast, with sites along extinct lagoons, estuaries, and river valleys. Huatabampo culture shows similarities with the Chametla to the south and the Hohokam to the north. Unlike the other two tradition, the Central Coast remained a hunter-gatherer culture, as the area lacks the resources for agriculture.Sonora is located in Northwest Mexico, bordered by the states of Chihuahua to the east, Baja California to the northwest and Sinaloa to the south. S.–Mexico border with the states of Arizona and New Mexico, and on the west has a significant share of the coastline of the Gulf of California.Sonora's natural geography is divided into three parts: the Sierra Madre Occidental in the east of the state; plains and rolling hills in the center; and the coast on the Gulf of California.The first humans were nomadic hunter gatherers who used tools made from stones, seashells, and wood.The oldest Clovis culture site in North America is believed to be El Fin del Mundo in northwestern Sonora. It features occupation dating around 13,390 calibrated years BP.Francisco de Ibarra also traveled through the area in 1567 and referred to the Valles de Señora.

Little reliable information remains about the area in the 16th century following the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire.

It is primarily arid or semiarid deserts and grasslands, with only the highest elevations having sufficient rainfall to support other types of vegetation.

Sonora is home to eight indigenous peoples, including the Mayo, the Yaqui, and Seri.

It has been economically important for its agriculture, livestock (especially beef), and mining since the colonial period, and for its status as a border state since the Mexican–American War.

With the Gadsden Purchase, Sonora lost more than a quarter of its territory.

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A beginning date for this culture has not been determined but it probably disappeared by the early 14th century.